Little Things

Isn’t it funny how much of a difference the little things make?

Like being able to wash my face in warm water in the evening…. sounds pretty ordinary, but in Muscat, the hot water took so long to come through the pipes that I always had to use cold.

Clean eggs with hard shells… in every carton.

Like a postcard from a dear friend in your mailbox when you first move in to a new home….or a card when you least expect it, and for no reason except that you are friends.

Getting our new passports only two weeks after we sent the applications.. Wow! I was so afraid they wouldn’t be here in time to go to Aberdeen on March 23.  Now, I can finally get my Norwegian ID.

The wonderful feeling of being cold outdoors and warm inside – instead of the other way around.

Warm slippers, fireplaces, and heated bathroom floors.

A beautiful sunrise –

The smell of fresh coffee in the morning.

Raindrops hanging from bare branches and old flowers like jewels after a rain –

A purring cat on your lap – and a dog that is so happy to see you come home that he almost beats himself in the nose with his wagging tail .

Snowdrops peeking out from under melting drifts of snow –

Flowerbeds full of rosebushes, and pots just waiting to be planted-

Not being able to see where you just replaced a patch without searching –

Living in a place where I can use an umbrella – they have always fascinated me, but I’ve never really lived anywhere that it rained much.

Raindrops on my face ………. and sunshine when there has been a bit too many raindrops –

Looking at things from a different angle and seeing a whole new world open up –

The joy of being alive and having a story to tell – and the freedom to do so.

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3 Responses to Little Things

  1. Heather says:

    This is so wonderful, Kathi. A heart full of gratitude! Blessings on you in your new country.

    • banyantreequilts says:

      So touching Kathi. It is that small comforts that really matters in life. Very true.Loved your naration.

  2. Hope says:

    good to see you are back on line, sounds like you are enjoying ever minute and more. did you get northern lights? I thought I would see some when I got up, just some clouds, which are good.

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