In Search of the Sun

Stavanger is a very cloudy city – and often those clouds leak.  Other times, they just reach down to kiss the ground, leaving you wondering just what the blob across the street really is.  Being on the North Sea, that makes sense, but for someone who has spent her whole live in sunny places, it still is a bit of a shock to the system.  On Sunday, we discovered that everyone here takes advantage of a bright, sunny day. We went for a walk around Store (Large) Stokka Lake – us and half the other residents of Stavanger!

Stokka Lake is billed as 8.2 km around – so we decided to drive to one of the parking lots near it for our hike.  Snoopy is always happy to go for a car ride, and even happier to go for a walk.

We arrived around 11 am – and were surprised at how many people there were already – walkers and cyclists and joggers….young and not so young…. strollers and baby buggies and dogs galore.

The sky was blue, the leaves were green, there was a bit of ice still on parts of the lake.

An abandoned row boat by the shore –

In some places the trees were so dense that you could imagine yourself in a deep forest..

I love the shadows the trees cast. Here, along part of the path was a stone wall separating it from the neighbouring field.

Here is an old boat house  –

Rest stop along the lake – would you believe Snoopy laid down in the water?  Crazy dog!

Clear water –

We came upon the Stavanger Rowing club – members had pulled rowing machines onto the pier so they could exercise in the sunshine and fresh air.

Look at the rocks in this field –

And the deer in this one –

We passed this golf course – take a look at this green and tee off!

And those Norwegian golfers must be tough – it was only 2 degrees C, and there was still frost where the sunshine hadn’t touched the grass.                                                                 Even dogs were allowed on the course for the game.

People lined a small bridge, throwing bread to the ducks and swans –

And here, some black (and gray) birds were joining the mallard ducks in the feast.

This old boat shed had a boat partially inside – don’t think I’ll ask to rent it though.

Little Stokka drains into large Stokka – we were surprised at the difference in elevation.  We walked around Little Stokka one weekend day amid ice and snow.  

Back where we had first arrived at the lake, there was a greater gathering now.  This family had brought lunch, and made a small fire to roast hot dogs.

At the end of the path, back near the parking lot, is a series of ponds that serve as a filtration system for run-off water entering the lake. Very pretty on it’s own accord.

By the way – our total walk was 6.4 miles.  That’s a long way – and even Snoopy was ready for lunch and a nap.

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4 Responses to In Search of the Sun

  1. kathydrew says:

    As always, I love your posts. I love the first paragraph and how you described the area. Beautiful pictures makes me feel as though I am allowed to experience everything with you.

  2. Hey David…Please take one or two of Kathi…
    Hey Kathi…You can post one or two of them…

  3. click says:

    How come you dont have your site viewable in wap format? Can not see anything in my phone.

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