A Walk In The Woods

This morning, the sun was shining – no trace of rain.  That is good, as the ground is positively saturated.  Snoopy and I took advantage of the lovely weather to walk around the lake. It was amazing how many things I saw today that I didn’t all the other times I walked along the same paths.

Whenever the sun shines, I think I take photos of the sun shining on the trunks. The moss on this one is on the SOUTH side of the trunk – what gives?

A statue of a family, commemorating the resistance during the war, taken from the back, looking across the road at the lake.

Antony Gormley made 23 of these “iron men”, and had them standing on a beach and in the water, all facing 10 degrees west, towards the North sea.  People didn’t like them on the beach, so they have been scattered all around the city –

A standing stone – many have runes or ancient writing on them.

Look at the bark on these trees – they make me think of an abstract quilt design –

Pussy willows, just beginning to open –

New life from old – a dead tree gives life to moss and small plants –

More moss

Interesting fungus growing on dead trees


An unused bird nest –

Last view of the park before we headed onto the overpass and towards home. I hope you enjoyed our little walk in the park this morning. Snoopy and I did.

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3 Responses to A Walk In The Woods

  1. sue says:

    Beautiful colors and designs from the fungus

  2. intlxpatr says:

    Kathi, your photos are wonderful, with such saturated colors and such wonderful composition.

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