Snowy Sunday – The Drive To Egersund.

Yesterday was a crazy day, weather-wise.  When we walked the dog this morning, we went through the snow/sun cycle about three times in 3 1/2 miles – changing from big, fluffy snowballs to tiny, hard pellets.  After the melting and rain and sun, the cold seemed particularly biting.  We had to walk inside the park because the wind in my face made my eyes cold. (I know, it sounds weird, but it’s the best I can describe it). We met this swan that thoroughly scared poor Snoopy.  He was huge – I would have been afraid too.

I would have loved to just curl up on the couch with a blanket and book, pretending we had a roaring fire – but David insisted we go somewhere, instead of staying holed up inside. I’m really lucky to have him to drag me out sometimes.

South of Stavanger, there is a highway that follows the coast and is well-known for the views.  Hoping it wouldn’t keep on snowing, we set out. We went into the small fishing harbour of Ølberg.

There was an octagonal building there with this sign on it –

The translation is as follows: (thanks, Google) “Russian House – This octagonal cabin and two others were previously placed higher up inn Ølberg. In each cabin overnight 16 Russian prisoners of war. Russian labour was used for the construction of
German bunkers and gun emplacements in Ølberg.
During World War II was 100,000 Russians in German captivity in Norway. 15,000 Russians died in this country.”

There are several of these concrete bunkers behind the building – and we saw many more as we drove along the coast.

As soon as we found a place to stop near the shore, we got out and walked down to see – the wind was howling and the sea was very high. 

Over the gate (David had to lift Snoopy over – and down where the tall breakers crashed onto the rocks.  Snoopy was just glad to be out of the car and running around sniffing things.                                                                                                                                                     By the time we got back to the car, it was snowing again.  Frozen – back in the car and off again.  I was really glad I wasn’t out on the water.     The clouds were amazing – the snow stopped but the wind continued to gust in from the North Sea. We drove through farm land,                                                                                                                                                     past big barns and small towns. 

Another stop at a beach yielded a few photos of huge sea weeds, uprooted by the waves, and waves crashing on the rocks.

We drove through lots of very rocky areas – in some places the forest was quite dense.

When we reached Egersund, we drove along the harbour, and then parked to walk around. This seismic boat was docked there – it was huge. 

Look at the cables inside the back –

And the small boat with a cage around the propeller – is that to keep the cables from tangling in it?

We had a bite to eat (freezing again in the wind) and then headed home – here is Snoopy waiting for us in the car.  He had that “Where is that chauffeur, anyways?” look, didn’t he? We stopped a couple of times for some more sky shots.

In the evening when we took Snoopy out for his late night walk, it was snowing again – more big fluffy flakes. 

Crazy day!

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