Sunday Drive…. February 12

Last Sunday was a lovely sunny, warm day – temperatures above zero C and a perfect day to do some exploring.  After a short walk with Snoopy, we three piled into the car and headed out. And I took my good camera with me – so none of those grainy cropped iPhone photos here.

First destination was the Finnestad area of Stavanger – just a bit to the north.  this is the area that my Great Grandfather emigrated from.  As was the custom, he took the farming area as his last name when he reach the USA. This will make it quite confusing when I try to look up my ancestors, as it wasn’t the name he was registered under here in Norway. We will, however, see what we can do on that front.

Check out the gas pumps – don’t have two diesel nozzles in Canada. Prices are around $2.50 a litre.

First we drove where the big oil-file companies are located.  Just look at some of this machinery –

This one is used to lay lines on the ocean floor.

We drove around the point to where we could walk in the park.  I was glad we had our ice cleats on and some of it was quite treacherous.                                                                     Snoopy enjoyed running free through the woods – and even found his way down to the water and lay down in it.                                                                                                                Crazy dog!  I thought he’d be freezing afterwards, but he ran enough to pretty well dry off.

We walked up to the point where this old light beacon was.

On the walk, we saw several supply ships coming in from the offshore platforms in the North Sea.                                                                                                                                          David is amazed at how much larger they are than even the ones off Newfoundland.  I just loved the colours, especially the red with the blue water and green trees.

This one looked like it might be laying lines on the sea floor.

                                                                                                                                                            From there, we proceeded to some of the islands that make up Stavanger.  We drove through a 6 km long tunnel underwater, then across a tiny island and a bridge to Mosterøy. There were frozen water falls along the road.

There is a place where they have found remains of 9th century Viking buildings

and from there we drove on to Utstein Kloster or Monastery. The buildings weren’t open, but it is another example of 13th Century architecture.  Very tall and sturdy looking.  Lovely stained glass in these windows.

Lovely views.  And reflections in the water.

Back to the highway, through another tunnel 4 km long to Rennesøy island. We stopped at an old church – look at the monument in the cemetery.                                                         There was a hotel where we stopped to eat – good solid fare – we had the fish soup, which was delicious.

We visited the small island of Åmøy – lovely scenery

small wharf

and on this farm there are examples of petroglyphs – we will have to come back when it is warmer and hike around here.

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3 Responses to Sunday Drive…. February 12

  1. Brenda Fritzler says:

    thanks for the grand tour.

  2. sue says:

    Such a lovely country. . . . . I am excited each time I see you have posts. Love looking at your pics. . . thanks.

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