Snoopy Got Wet…..

and so did I!

Today it is dull and rainy – typical Stavanger winter weather.  I had to go down to the Tax Office to take in a letter confirming my degree – and I decided to combine it with Snoopy’s walk.  so I sprayed my boots and jacket with water-repellant spray, and away we went.  The good news is my feet stayed dry.

Snoopy, being a Kuwaiti dog, born and resident in the Middle East (until 3 weeks ago), is used to sun and heat.  He has never really been out in the rain before, barring the bit of sleet a week ago, and never for so long. He was less than impressed!

The ice was Very icy – and until we got to a main street and bare sidewalks, we walked in the centre of the streets – fortunately  they weren’t busy. the water was running down the sidewalks as we descended towards the centre of town.  Look at the pattern in made on the street here –

and here.

We walked by this Cairo Shwarma Restaurant with it’s small outdoor tables of the Middle East and Egypt – no one sitting outside this morning.

Snoopy came into the office with me – it is a huge place, where people go to apply for residency in Norway, change their address, get their tax cards and ID numbers…. Fortunately, my number came up right away, so Snoopy didn’t have to sit still for very long.   He didn’t look that happy though – all shaggy/fluffy looking and wet.

I discovered that my residency had already been approved – WOW – I was only in to present my papers last Tuesday. This is probably the fastest anything has happened for us in this whole move!

Soon, we were out in the rain again.  I was getting the distinct impression that the water repelling was NOT happening on my jacket…. but at least it’s not that cold.  My gloves were also wringing wet.  We stopped at a pharmacy for vitamin C, and trudged on home.

A quick towel-dry for Snoopy and a hot shower for me put us both in a much better frame of mind.  Today, I will cuddle up inside, work on my quilt design class and hopefully draw out some of my ideas.

Life is good!

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2 Responses to Snoopy Got Wet…..

  1. Awesome…good things come to those who wait…LOL
    So are you now a resident of Norway…like forever…?

  2. Beris Lyons says:

    You can always make a waterproof quilted coat for snoopy – it will keep him warm too.

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