Snowy Day in Stavanger

Friday morning I woke up to snow – thick, fluffy snow. Wow – it’s been a long time since that happened.  I had a busy morning planned, so Snoopy and I went out for our walk fairly early.  I thought that maybe it was cold enough that he should wear his coat today –

He kept shaking as if to remove it, so I took it off and stuffed it in my pocket.  He kept on shaking – he didn’t understand the feel of snowflakes sticking to his back.

At the school next to our apartment – ever see a bicycle with studded tires before?

There is a strip of woods on our side of the highway, just opposite the lake.  We go there often to walk, and usually there is no one there, so we let Snoopy off leash to run.  He really enjoyed the snow – at first running just in the paths, but soon her was tearing around through the deeper snow.

On the road, there was a car stopped in the traffic – but as the cars ahead of it advanced, this one stayed still.  The traffic was backing up behind the car, and finally they began going around it.  I saw a man walking into the woods ahead of me……. and he went behind a tree and relieved himself.  Then he walked back to his car and drove off.  I couldn’t believe my eyes!

Later in the morning, I walked downtown to the swimming pool -The snow on the trees and houses was so beautiful.

I met a lady carrying an umbrella to keep the snow off her.  the things a person sees…….

Here is downtown Stavanger in the snow

And one of the loveliest houses I’ve seen…

I met Hanne and had a lovely visit and warm home-made buns for lunch.  She is a knitter and quilter, and a really interesting person. I learned a lot about how things work here, and we looked at some potential houses online. I can’t wait for the quilt/knit meeting at her house on Thursday when I can meet more Norwegians and Expats who like the things I do.

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5 Responses to Snowy Day in Stavanger

  1. cuz says:

    Good morning…WOW you did get a dump of snow…… should be here in SK… we have NONE….and that isn’t right in my books……….as I love winter. I was wishing I was there with you to walk in that nice fresh fluff. Glad you are meeting some quilters already……….you will be able to show them a few things also. Enjoy and keep sending the adventures

  2. Melissa says:

    One of the guys that Greg used to work with always put studded tires on his wife’s bike, as that was her transportation choice, even at -40!
    I love ‘traveling the world’ with your blog and pictures!

  3. Margarita Lipkov says:

    I so enjoyed your blog and the pictures. Tell Snoopy he looks very handsome in his coat.
    I am so grateful I met Paramjeet at your house the day you were leaving, she invited us to a lovely indian dinner to her house on Wednesday. I will have her and Baba at our little place once she is back from her visit to the USA. We talked about how much you are missed!!
    We are still on temporary accommodations at Raz Al-Hambra, PDO camp. the apartment is small, 2 bedrooms, but the view is spectacular. Still, can’t wait to have a nest.
    All our love

  4. These pictures are gorgeous! I love the crunch new snow makes when you walk on it 🙂 I visited Noway (Bergen and the surrounding area) when I was 10 years old. I have never forgotten how beautiful it is. Thank you for sharing. Avis x

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