A Walk in the Park (Literally)

Wednesday, Snoopy and I took a long walk.  It was -7 C, but there wasn’t much wind.  There is a lake called Mosvatnet very close to our apartment – so close we can see it from the windows. The path that encircles the lake is about 3 km long, and the scenery is lovely.  It is a very busy place, with joggers and cyclists making their laps, and walkers, many giving their dogs a welcome fresh-air walk. the sun was shining, so it was a perfect day for a stroll.

Here we are on a walking path – check out the ice.  I need to get some grips to put on my boots.  Snoopy doesn’t seem to mind though.

There is a bit of woods on our side of the highway – Snoopy had a quick off-leash run to get rid of some energy before we went into the park.  he loves it here – sniffing around all the trees,

kicking up the piles of leaves just like a young child.  I was afraid he would be too cold to enjoy it here, but he has surprised me.

We have to go on an overpass of fine metal grid  – the first time Snoopy was on it, he was terrified.  He spread his feet out like snowshoes and slunk across, especially worried when he could see a vehicle flash by underneath him.  Second time, however, he went across like it was solid ground.  Funny dog!

Here is our first view of the lake – I’m not sure what the little red hut in the water is for.

Ice built up along the shore – apparently there was a wind sometime, and the ice blew in from the centre of the lake –

Lots of trees –

Another view of the lake –

A stream runs into the lake, and it was still ice-free – lots of ducks and swans around.

Apparently there have been over 150 different species of birds seen here.  Here is part of an identification poster…. I haven’t translated the names yet to find out what they are.

There is an art museum along the lake as well, with a coffee shop enclosed in glass.  It looks like a good place to stop with friends on a cold day – not sure if dogs are allowed or not.

Moss on a tree –

Broken tree –

Views of the lake –

Here some swans and geese found a tiny bit of open water to swim in –

Mist over the lake –


Thursday morning, a fine sifting of icing sugar snow fell, and the lake was transformed – no more reflections in the mirror-like ice.  They are talking about more cold – and more snow – which will mean more ice when it warms up…….. and then, I imagine, we will get the rain that Stavanger is famous for.

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5 Responses to A Walk in the Park (Literally)

  1. evelyn says:

    How wonderful to have such a lovely walk close by. I noticed on the chart of birds that there are several that we see here at our bird feeder. Is this an unusual winter not to have much snow? We are certainly having a very ‘springy’ winter here – very little to no snow at all and mild.

    • In Stavanger, they don’t usually get much snow – mostly rain and temperatures not much below zero in a normal year. I noticed birds on the chart that I was familiar with in Canada too – but can’t remember the names after 5 years.

  2. Collette says:

    Your dog is beautiful…love his spots. He shows enthusiasm even in a still photo! I realized as you were taking us along your walk that a dog is much like our little kids were, allowing us to go on investigative walks and getting to know new neighborhoods without having to feel shy about why we’re out there! You certainly are back to the ice. Are you finding the apartment suitable? Nice to see the ducks and swans…we have had fall-like weather and are wondering where winter has taken itself to! We saw on the news that cherry blossoms cover trees all around Washington! Poor confused trees budding now. Can’t imagine what will happen to the fruit since surely we will undoubtedly have winter yet before April.
    Anyway, must get off, we have been driving to see Dad L. and Mom P. in two different hospitals for over a week now. Keeps us hopping! Hugs to you this morning..hope your little cat is doing fine…

  3. I so enjoy these walks …
    NOW to get off my a$$ and get some work done…LOL

  4. Paramjeet says:

    I was so looking forward to hearing about Snoopy’s reactions to everything.I am so glad he likes his new home.

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