A Walk to Stavanger Port

Last Tuesday, I braved the icy streets and walked into central Stavanger. Monday, our first day here, I thought it enough to find two grocery stores close to home.  Now, I was setting out to explore my new home town.  The sun was shining – surely Stavanger must be happy to see us finally arrive, as they have had a LOT of rain this winter.

Downtown is only about a mile from home, and the houses and plants along the was were quite unique after coming from the Middle East.

As I arrived by the central bus station, I saw a sign for the Tourist Information.  Great, I thought – that’s exactly what I need as I didn’t have a clue what is down here.  Not in the train station though – although there is a 7-11 (shades of back home), and I was to discover there are tons of them in Stavanger.  What I did discover, however, was a small lake, and in the sunshine, it was a beautiful sight.                                                                                   There was ice on part of the lake, but the open area was full of ducks and gulls and swans, and in the clear morning air, the reflections were amazing.                                                  Forgetting all about the information centre, I walked along the lake and shot a dozen or more photos.

And then I saw the cathedral…… and walked all around it.  I checked the sign at the front and discovered that it would be open for viewing at 11 am.

But from there, I could see the part of the harbour –                                                                 and the many coloured boats and supply ships belonging to the oil companies and service companies.                                                                                                                                        More colour on this beautiful, sunny day.

I poked my hear into the fish market on the wharf as well –this is dried fish.                        And now I know that “hummer” is Norwegian for lobster.                                                            I walked by the old toll house,                                                                                                          and then around the narrow streets, mostly peering into windows.  I found a hat in H&M.  I a large book store, I bought some books about learning Norwegian.  I already have a line on classes for David and I, beginning sometime in February.

It was now after 11 am, and the cathedral was open……….. but that’s another story.

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7 Responses to A Walk to Stavanger Port

  1. Karen says:

    Awesome tour this am…After looking at your apartment pics the first thing I wanted to know is where are you going to set up your sewing machine…can’t wait to see those pics…LOL
    Enjoy hunny…

  2. Heather says:

    Did you know that lobster is homard in French? I know you’ve been looking for similarities 🙂

  3. Evelyn says:

    What a wonderful tour! I keep thinking “Wandering Quilter” would a great name for a book about your travels!

  4. Paramjeet says:

    I felt I was on that walk with you How exiting .Loved your extra tall extra long shots.

  5. cuz says:

    Loved the tour. We were at that harbour with our cruise ship when we docked in Stavanger. You will have to go down there sometime later when the cruise ships come in. It was a familiar sight along the street there by the wharf. Keep blogging. It is my daily constitutional…I am so excited when you have sent some more adventure…………
    Cuz Bb

  6. sue says:

    The photos are beautiful, I think the buildings are my personal favorite. . . I love the suble colors and block-y shapes.

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