Walk Along the Fjord.

This afternoon we went to one of the fjords that Stavanger winds itself around, and took Snoopy and ourselves for a walk.  It was pretty crisp out – only 2C+ at the best, but there was very little wind.  We both wore our new touques – the ones we bought downtown this morning. Mine is a navy and white Nordic design with a Norwegian flag and ear flaps – it is great.  We walked over 3 miles, and although my nose and cheeks were cold, my ears were toasty.

We arrived at the Three Swords monument.  The three bronze swords stand in the rock, representing peace, and commemorate the Battle of Hafrsfhord in 872, when Norway was united into one kingdom.  they stand about 10 meters tall.  One is taller than the others , and represents Fairheaded Harald’s sword.

We decided to walk along the fjord first, and check the swords out later – taking advantage of the good weather.  There was a very fast stream running into the fjord – and next to an outlet a man and his two children were getting ready to launch a canoe – those Norwegians MUST be tough.

We passed this sculpture of a fisherman’s wife who rowed across the fjord every day, winter and summer, to sell fish, often barefoot and with shoes in hand (the nearest translation I could get from Google).  There are sculptures like this all over the city – you’ll be seeing many more in this blog, I imagine.

We met quite a few people on the path – and also a lot of dogs.  Snoopy was a bit concerned when three dogs ran up to him to say hello – but he will get used to it, I’m sure.  It’s interesting how he will approach people here to say HI, but had learned he wasn’t welcome in Oman.  He had a grand time running along the path and shore.

Here are a few of the things we saw along the way – an old boat house –

Snoopy waded in the water a couple of times – I was so surprised when he lay down in it – that water is FREEZING! good thing he was running and dried himself off.

This tiny house is on a bit of the 4% of Norway that is cultivated –

Al stone wall with small bits of rubble in the middle –                                                                    Along the rocky beach –                                                                                                                          And the sky!                                                                                                                                               The sunset was a long time coming (Hallelujah) and the sky was magnificent – as were the reflections in the water.

Snoopy walked in some water along the path and came out with his legs black mud up to his ankles – lucky David was the one to take him into the sea to wash him off —                We walked back to the swords,                                                                                                             then along the path the other way for a while.  The colours  and folds in the rocks are very interesting.                                                                                                                                                I couldn’t believe the reflections in the water.  This will be a great place to go again when the sun is shining (fingers crossed on this one).

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2 Responses to Walk Along the Fjord.

  1. Evelyn says:

    I love following your adventures. Thanks for sharing.

  2. sue says:

    What a wonderful walking tour. . .now that you have your touques (had to look up that one). . . and so glad that Snoopy is taking to his new home.

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