Red Tape, Norwegian Style

Today was a long, frustrating day.

In the first week you are in Norway, there are several things you need to do.  I needed to send in my application to become a resident under the Family Immigration section.  Fine – yesterday I filled in the online form, and it was sent to David as a Reference.  He registered so he could do it online, but the form wouldn’t recognize his log-in.  And it was all in Norwegian. Problem 1.

David needed to go to the Police Station to get a stamp in his passport – he already has his work visa.  We got there and the office is closed on Fridays.  Problem 2.

We went down the street to the Tax Office, where we tried to find out what we could do…….. the gentleman we talked to was very nice, and suggested that I reapply with a different location to report to (I’d given the “Immigration” rather than “Foreign Workers”) and NOT put David down to be a reference.   Solution 1 (and it worked).

David had a form he needed to take in.  We finally found out that it should go to the Tax Office, as it is for him to get a tax number, which is the precursor of the National ID number – so now we had the correct place – but he needs to get the police stamp first…… and can’t do it until Monday now.  Problem 3.

As soon as I got home and David left for work, I realized that the pets were supposed to see a vet to get worms treatment within 7 days of arrival in the country.  Today is day 5 and a Friday.  Where are the vets in Stavanger?  Thanks to Google Maps, I found one not too far away, and called them.  They close at 4, and it had to be completed today.. so they gave me an appointment for 2 pm.  I loaded the cat cage and the dog and myself in all my winter clothing and the necessary papers into a taxi and away we went.   By a bit after 3 PM I was 630 NOK (about $110) poorer and it was completed.  Problem 4 solved.

I have an appointment on Feb 7 to apply for my residency – I have my photos and will need to collect the necessary documents, and hopefully it won’t take too long after that to get me in the system……. by then we should have all the steps figured out.

It’s been a long week, as I said before.  I’m glad that we have accomplished so much – and look forward to feeling a bit more organized and settled next week.  The weekend is upon us – David has a gym membership and we have a swimming pass as well…… and a car to explore this beautiful new home country of ours.

It’s going to be OK.



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3 Responses to Red Tape, Norwegian Style

  1. Yes hunny, it will be ok… You two can definitely handle this and you will enjoy it once you get it all worked out… Think of these “problems” as very steep learning curve…LOL

  2. Hope says:

    you two will get all the problems solved and then enjoy your “new” home. miss you both

  3. Paramjeet says:

    Little speed breakers are OK,
    will make the drive all the more pleasurable once it gets going.

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