From Muscat to Stavanger…… The Longest Day

Noon, and the packers STILL hadn’t shown up!  They  promised they are on the way…. but we were booked to fly out that night.  Packing boxes everywhere, piles of things that need to be in the air shipment or in suitcases or still to be given away!  My nerves were frayed to the shredding-point.  Jo had already come over to pick up plants, David had taken my car back to the rental agency.

Finally, there were the trucks – but they didn’t come in and begin to work until the supervisor arrived (some 10-15 minutes later).  “No problem”, he said.  “We will be all finished by 4 pm”.  Well, I’d lived in the Middle East long enough to know that when someone said “No problem”, there would be a problem!

First business was to pack up the air shipment. Lack of communication can be a real problem, as illustrated when the poor guy doing the kitchen was busy packing my kettle, toaster etc in a small box. and didn’t understand that he didn’t have to until I flapped my arms like wings and said “air shipment”.  The fellows packing the air shipment took them out and put them in the huge boxes set aside for the purpose.  Would it all fit, I wondered, as I had sewing supplies and lots of kitchen utensils,  towels and sheets and blankets – in short, everything I could think of needing if we get into our house before the shipment arrives – except a bed, or course.  I was pleasantly surprised when I saw that they had packed everything into two boxes – one less than in September, and with a lot more items – and a lot less paper.

It was an eventful afternoon – friends dropped in for moral support, which I really needed.  Betting took place as to what time the movers would indeed be finished.  Against all odds, they were actually finished at 4:30 pm, including hauling my old washing machine off to a friend’s house to store for one who is just moving to Muscat.

Then, we were all done, right!  Oh no…… that would have been too wonderful.  i still had all the suitcases to pack, and we needed to take the jeep back to the rental agency.  We needed to be ready to leave the house completely by 6:30.  Well, with the help of four good friends, we made it out before 7:30 – just fitting everything into two large SUVs.

When we arrived at the airport, we had to wait for the Lufthansa gate to open.  It took a while to check in with extra luggage and two pets in kennels as well.   Here we all are, finally ready to check in.  We kept the pets with us for a while and went for a coffee, then returned to send them off to be loaded.  Poor Snoopy was very worried about the whole procedure – Jenny just complained like any cat who just wants nothing to change.

Here goes Snoopy down the conveyor and out of site.

At 10:45 pm Muscat time, we left.  I had a window seat – it was sad to look out at the lights and think I may never see them again. We were only in Oman for 15 months, and it was way to short – there are so many things we will miss and so many people.

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One Response to From Muscat to Stavanger…… The Longest Day

  1. cuz says:

    BON VOYAGE……..have a good trip ….after the start you have had….. you will love your new home after you get settled….KEEP BLOGGING…..from Norway
    Good luck to you and David….Keep healthy.
    Cuz Bb

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