It’s A Go!

After patiently (impatiently?) waiting for almost four months, we have finally got our go-ahead to move to Norway!.  Visa and residency approved, flights booked.  This process began the beginning of October!

It’s not that we are eager to leave Oman – far from it. This is a beautiful country, and we have only had the chance to explore the richness of terrain and culture for a bit over a year.  We have made some wonderful friends in this short time, and have seen so many wonderful places…….. modern and ancient.  We have enjoyed living by the ocean, with its the crashing waves and quiet ripples (and source of my sea shell collection). It has been thrilling to again live within sight of mountains. But a new job and new challenges beckon.  And so we go.

After living amid brown boxes for almost 4 months, again I am madly scrambling to sort out what needs to come (or will fit, to be more to the point) in suitcases – we are only allowed one each, but I think we will have to pay for an extra).  What will go in the air shipment – do we take the essential for housekeeping, even though we will be moving into a fully furnished and equipped apartment until our container comes?  What if it doesn’t come until a week after we get into the house we hope to rent?  How much fabric and sewing equipment do I pack in – will I have a lot of time by myself to sew, or will I be out and about in Stavanger, exploring my new home town? How much is 500 pounds, anyways?

And can I really get everything on my list DONE in 7 days?  That is probably the biggest worry, as I am notorious for thinking I can do more than the time allotted will allow. I guess all I can do is make my lists, put on my new running shoes, and hop to it.  One way or another, as long as the important matters are attended to, tickets in hand and documents in order, we will be on that airplane next Saturday evening, unhappy but resigned pets in kennels, and the new adventure will begin.

What a lucky person I am – I never imagined that THIS could be my life!


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5 Responses to It’s A Go!

  1. Paramjeet says:


  2. Paramjeet says:

    Happy for you but will miss you immensely.

  3. Danielle says:

    I know exactly how you feel, Kathi! Before I met Andrew I never thought I would actually get out of North America let alone see all the wonderful place that I have already been. 🙂 What a rich life we get to lead because of our husband’s occupations. We have met so many interesting people that have touched our lives in so many ways. I happy to call you my friend and would have never met you if life hadn’t taken us both to Kuwait. What a wonderful world! Happy travels, my friend.
    Don’t sweat the little stuff too much. You know it always works out in the end with all the moving we have done.

  4. Collette says:

    Certainly feel the coil of excitement in your words…wonder how you can even sleep! Hope all goes well and that you really enjoy your new home. Anxious to hear how things settle…Your little pets will be so shocked at the temperature differences…..thinking of you!!!!

  5. Brenda Fritzler says:

    Happy Trails to you and David.

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