We Made It – Sinaw Thursday Market

Take two – the following weekend – Dec. 29, we headed out to Sinaw again – for the Thursday market.  This is the day when the Bedouin come in to town to sell their camels, cattle, sheep and goats, and stock up on the items they need.  When we arrived about 10 am, the streets were bumper-to-bumper with cars and small pick-up trucks, and the sidewalks thronging with people.  We quickly found a place to park, and , hurrying through the housewares and clothing souq, we headed to the place where they sell the animals.  We were too late!

There were camels, and a few strangling goats and sheep, but the parade of livestock had taken place long before we arrived – and most of the animals had already been sold and taken off, piled into the backs of pick-up trucks, or stuffed into the back of old jeeps.  Still, there were enough around to get some good photos, and lots of interesting people to watch.

Unlike the city Muslims, the Bedouin ladies wear wonderfully colourful robes and scarves, and most wear a burqa or face veil which covers the forehead, nose and mouth.  They used to all be made of cotton, dyed with indigo and beaten to a gold or bronze colour.  As indigo doesn’t absorb into the fibers, it is beaten to fix it, and the colour changes with exposure to sunlight.  They are mostly made of black fabric now, and I’m not sure what the piece sticking out between the eyes is for – it really cuts down your range of vision.

Alice and I each bought one from this little Bedouin lady who was spinning wool with a drop spindle.  There were several ladies watching as we tried them on – they were smiling as if they thought it was neat that we were doing that.  Here is Alice in hers – I’m sure I looked just as funny – but I don’t have the photo yet, so I don’t have to own up to it. I’m sure I looked beautiful. (haha)

These camels were lined up outside the central market shelter, waiting to be loaded up.  these babies were really cute –

And look at the underbite this one has…… it doesn’t seem to hurt his appetite any – he’s a good looking camel.

Around the outside of the ring, there were men selling khanjars, guns, dried fish,

fruits and vegetables

and many other items.  David and Robert were checking out the knives,

but the prices were terribly high – I guess they thought the foreigners wouldn’t know the difference.  They were wrong.

It sure seems funny to see rifles just lying around

or people with ammo belts.

The fish market was busy, with sellers weighing the purchases


small sharks

and striped cuttlefish

And after you buy your fish, there are men there who will fix it however you want.

After we’d roamed the market for a while, we headed back to the car, through the clothing and housewares section.  We bought some of these incense burners – design distinctive to the Sinaw area –

Check out these fabrics – aren’t they amazing?

Trims –

And these mortar and pestle sets – they look like clay but are really plastic.

This was a really interesting trip – I’m glad we made it this time.

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4 Responses to We Made It – Sinaw Thursday Market

  1. Paramjeet says:

    WOW WOW WOWV …..fantastic pictures Kathi ……I sure missed it .

  2. Brenda Fritzler says:

    Loved the way you convey the flavour of your day’s adventures. I felt like I was right there with you enjoying the sights. Thank you for sharing your experiences. Brenda

  3. cuz says:

    WOW…such pics………did you load up on that beautiful fabric and trim??? You may have to quit quilting and learn how to knit on your next adventure………ENJOY the last days in Oman and thanx for sharing
    Cuz Bb

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