Making Flowers

This morning, I’ve been assembling the flowers for the border of the baby quilt.  I had traced and cut out 5 petals and one centre each for the 24 flowers on Steam-a-Seam Lite, so today I assembled them on my trusty Teflon applique sheet.  It is really an amazing invention – you can lay out the pieces, then press and the unit holds together.  Then, all you have to do is let it cool, and after peeling it off the sheet, place it on the fabric where you want it, and press again.  Voila – all set to sew.

Here is the set-up – almost done.  Because the applique sheet is translucent, you can see the pattern through it so you can build the flower (or whatever you are working on) to the proper scale.

Unfortunately, the day I counted flowers I must have been sleeping, because I was four short.  So, 24 little pieces later, here are my four borders, all ready to be stitched on securely.

The baby is a month old now…… this quilt WILL be done before her first birthday!

By the way – this was the sky from our front step this morning – beautiful day.  I’m enjoying the sunshine while I still have it.  And, the warm weather of Oman.

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One Response to Making Flowers

  1. Sue says:

    More beautiful by the moment. . . and so is the granddaughter, I am sure. . . They will come together soon. . . . The sky over Oman is so beautiful. . . Do you mind if I save it. . . just in case my art quilting . . . and my confidence . . . gets to the stage where I can tackle something like this.??

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