More Quilting – and a Bit of Dying to Boot!

I’ve done a bit of sewing again this week – mostly on that baby quilt. That lovely young lady is now over three weeks old.  Have to get busy!

Here is the centre to this point.

The next border is white with appliqued vines and purple flowers – 24 flowers to be exact – and over 260 silly little leaves!  This is when I remember that I really DON’T like machine applique.  I created a leaf template that I can trace inside, and will use three different greens.  Also in the running are 120 petals for those flowers.  This will take a while – but I’m very, very happy with it.

Here is a shot of the proceedings – fabrics chosen, vines stitched on the border pieces, leaves pressed on.

My applique ladies for

Paramjeet’s class didn’t progress very far last week –  I have all the coloured bits on now – and yesterday stitched the first round of black lines.  All the paper is off the back, so I can sandwich it and quilt in black on ALL the lines.

Last week at Paramjeet’s, we played with fabric dyes. Jo was the master chemist, in charge of colour mixing.  Mad scientist, maybe??? We will have to be watching her once she get her own set – she may come out all colours of the rainbow along with the fabrics.  These are the colour swatches before we did the dying –The dying process –And the finished fabrics – all washed and pressed.

I’m buying a set of dyes from Paramjeet – and will play with them in Norway .  Jo and I went out and bought white fabric – I got 10 meters, so I’m all set to go!

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2 Responses to More Quilting – and a Bit of Dying to Boot!

  1. Sue says:

    You have been a busy lady. The baby quilt is lovely and the borders should make it even more so. and the Ladies in applique is looking great. . . dying. . sigh. . . wish I was there. . . . But with time off for Winter Break. I began working in earnest on designing my Drunkards path, , I caught a cold, , and I finished a block of the dimensional quilt I am working on. . . and found out a couple things that I DONT want to do again. Love you. Happy quilting.
    . . .

  2. cuz says:

    WOW that is a lovely start to a beautiful quilt………
    ENJOY the dying looks like a lot of fun and messy…….that is what makes all the fun!!!!!!!
    We are ready for the Christmas shindig to begin. The kids from Sylvan will arrive about midnight…….
    Cuz Bb

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