A Week of Sewing (A Bit)

If I didn’t have such an interesting life, I would get more sewing done (Is that the polite way of saying “If I wasn’t such a gad-about?)  Well, much as I would like to get more done, I’m enjoying life very much – and especially the chance to see as much of Muscat as possible before we leave.  Maybe if I left the computer off, I’d get more sewing done.

I had homework for the class on Tuesday with Paramjeet. She is teaching us an interesting method applique – leaving a white space around the planes of colour, and outlining everything in black.  It reminds me of watercolour and ink sketches, which I love.  And her method is really very easy and straight forward.

We have been copying a quilt of hers – an adaptation of a painting by an Indian painter. This is mine to date – still a few bits of colour to add and then all the black lines and quilting.

We can all see ways that we will be able to use this technique to advantage on our own projects.  I’m thinking it will work well for my series on French streets and shutters.  Next week, we plan to give fabric dying a try – Paramjeet has done a lot of this, and has some new dyes to try out.  But this doesn’t let us off the hook for carrying on with our project of three Indian ladies.

I am also working on the crib quilt for my lovely new granddaughter, Princess Aaryana – any girl with three older brothers is automatically a princess, don’t you think? Here she is in the cradle her Dad (my son Aaron) slept in, with the flannel quilt that I gave her.  This was the very first quilt I made without a pattern – found this flannel with bears and hearts on it – and thought I was so creative and adventurous doing this.  It was probably the first one I free-motion quilted as well.  Didn’t know I’d have a granddaughter to give it to, but…I’m so lucky I have.

Anyways, back to the crib quilt. I misread the instructions for the connector corners and made them all too large, so I have 96 triangles to take off, resize, and resew – 24 blocks in all – and then the centre of the quilt will be complete. Only two more rows of the 6 to go.

I dug into a few packed boxes to find the border fabric that I had missed saving out – a lovely turquoise Bali batik – I think it will be stunning and a good compliment for the pink batik corners.

Last week I watched Bonnie McCaffery’s video about the Tentmakers of Cairo at the Birmingham Festival of Quilts this past August.  Here’s an example – but watch the video – you will be amazed.

And here is an article that really gets into the depths of what they do and where they are.   http://almashriq.hiof.no/egypt/600/670/677/cairo_tentmakers/

I love their quilts – and decided that I want to make one – will probably do the applique my way, but design it their way.  I’ll just make it about the size of a fat quarter, but possibly make it a medallion center of a larger quilt – that is if I’ like what I’ve done.

Here is what I have so far. I folded the paper in eighths, and drew on one side.  By using mirrors, I can see what it will be like – sort of, because my mirrors are too small to show the whole pattern. I’m trying to put some colours together – I’ll draw the pattern on all parts of the paper, and then try out different colours schemes on each eighth with my pencil crayons and see what I like best.

Less computer time and more sewing – that’s my goal for this week.

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One Response to A Week of Sewing (A Bit)

  1. Sue says:

    Wow i love the tentmaker piece. I have a small (1m by 1m) quilt from my trip to Egypt. along with a sort of matching throw pillow. So I went right over to it — after I watched the video and the heavy piece of “tenting” is on the back. I sat and looked at it for about 10 minutes. . . NOW I understand. . . Thanks for sharing. . . and yes, now I want to try it too. . . but too many projects to finish. . . soon.

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