Time for a short update on our situation.

You may remember that David’s new assignment in Norway was set to begin December 1, and that most of our house was packed up for moving to Canada on Sept 29 and 30.

Since then -1) HR in Dubai took over 2 weeks to send David the official offer, 2) the clinic took over 2 weeks to send the results from David’s medical to Halliburton, and 3) it took over 2 weeks from then for the contract to arrive for him to sign – all of which has to happen BEFORE Norway can apply for the work visa so we can enter the country.

We have the contract now – but Norway HR cannot get an appointment to apply for the visa until December 6 – and it will take 2 weeks to process. This means that we will probably be heading to Norway sometime between Christmas and New Years, or maybe just after.

So, we are here for another month, and will celebrate Christmas without snow one more year. disappointing, as we had hoped to go to Aberdeen for Christmas.  But……..

We have another month to spend with the good friends we have made here, another month to be warm (although it is cooling of here, that only means a low of 20 and high of 27).  We will have to chance to explore more of this beautiful country of Oman. And, although most of our belongings are boxes up, we have a comfortable bed, stove and fridge, A dining room table that collects the same clutter it did out of the box,cars to drive, food to eat, my sewing machineand computers with plenty of boxes to set them on.

I will unbox the artificial Christmas tree and some of the decorations, and set it up for as long as we can, and a comfortable chair to sit in to sew.  The mail is fairly reliable from here, so I will find the presents I bought for everyone and mail them – they will arrive after Christmas, but they should arrive.

I don’t know when the boxes will be taken away, but until then, we will glory in each new, sunny day that we get to live in Oman.

How many of you saw a sunset like THIS last night? It will be a bit different in Norway.

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2 Responses to Update

  1. Becky Peacock says:

    Kathi, God bless you for looking at the positive side of things. I notice you did NOT pack up your sewing machine yet…good move. May you have a wonderful Christmas and I pray God will continue to direct your steps one by one to the place He has prepared for you in Norway. Love you

  2. intlxpatr says:

    I thought you were in CANADA! I had no idea you were still in Oman, waiting for the paperwork to go to Norway. Life is so funny, isn’t it, and so full of surprises. Expats learn to be flexible, and light on our feet 🙂

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