is all I can say!  The hall and the orchestra and Yo-Yo Ma.

I was able to take a few photos inside, too, although not during the concert.  Still – let me tell you about the evening, and show you around a bit.

The inside lobby is even more magnificent than the outside….. more wood and ornate staircases.  Alice and JoLovely young Omani ladies and gentlemen in National dress to show you around.They have a separate room where the food and drink (coffee, tea, juice, water) are bought.  The menu I was surprised to find that we had to pay 2 rials for the program, but it is a real booklet, not just a little leaflet. It definitely means that they aren’t picking up tons of them after the show and discarding them.

I also bought a book on the construction of the opera house – lots of details and tons of photos.

Apparently, they plan to have an instrument museum some day.  Right now, there are several display cabinets of old instruments dating from the 18th and 19th centuries…. some very interesting ones too.

This is a pochette – small enough for a dance master to give rehearsal cues to his dancers, and then stick in his pocket so he could show them the steps.An old trumpetThe clear oboe here is made of crystal glass……  pretty neat hey – for a transparent sound, I guess (LOL).These serpents are made of ceramic and are from France – the blue and white on is Delft china.Inside – this is a view of the stage from the second balconythe boxes,and the musical motif on the upholstery.On the ceiling, there are musical puzzles painted – too bad it is so high that you would need binoculars to see them – here is the illustration in the book.The concert itself was perfect. The acoustics are great – and both Yo-Yo Ma and the London Philharmonic are incredible (did I already use that word?).  It is a long, long time (if ever before) that I heard an orchestra of this caliber.

What a sublime treat!


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