The Royal Opera House of Muscat

Tonight (Saturday), I am going to a concert at the new royal Opera House in Muscat.  The London Philharmonic Orchestra is playing, and the great cellist, Yo-Yo Ma, is the guest soloist.  The cello is my all-time favourite instrument – I learned to love it best when Heather and Aaron were taking Suzuki string lessons, and I got to learn to play it a bit as well.  I’d seen that this concert was sold out when I first went on the ROH website – cried buckets, and said that I’d kill for a ticket, but” c’est la vie”!

Well, it didn’t come to that….. no blood at all, in fact. On the ROH Facebook page, a gentleman posted that he had two tickets, but would be unable to attend.  Poor Snoopy didn’t get much of a walk this morning as I was so caught up in contacting this man to see if he was selling his tickets, and if so, could I be first in line.  By 10:15 this morning, I was 26 OMR poorer (a steal) and had those tickets in my hot little hand.  And my friend Jo had agreed to leave her husband for the evening to join me.  Alice had already become the proud owner of a ticket – so “Ladies’ night out” tonight.

No photos are allowed in the Opera House on concert nights, but here are a few I snapped on Thursday evening, when we went to see if there might just be one lone ticket floating around unspoken for.

This chandelier is over the door to the lobby.And inside the lobby:

This is on the ceiling!That’s it – I’ll let you know tomorrow how the concert was!  I’m assuming “Fantastic!”.

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One Response to The Royal Opera House of Muscat

  1. quiltfever says:

    Beautiful concert hall. Hope the concert was as assumed.

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