A Windy Thursday in October

Thursday, the wind in Muscat was blowing from the east.  Dust sometimes blows across empty lots like this, but mostly from the west.  I wonder if this means the weather is changing.

We went out to the civil Aviation Club for a quick lunch – we always sit outside, but this time we didn’t.    It looked like they were having a bit of trouble bringing this dive boat in to shore. I took a few shots of the whitecaps though, before we retreated inside.

In the afternoon, we took Snoopy for a long walk on Azaiba Beach. The tide was quite far out, leaving sand bars near the beach, and quiet pools of water.  Snoopy loved these,as he likes to lay down in the water, but isn’t all that keen on waves coming rushing in at him.

As we got closer to the west end by the point, there were kite surfers out…. nine in total.  It was amazing how quickly they moved in towards the beach… and even more so how quickly they could turn around and head out into open waters, seemingly against the wind. They were leaping off the water – from where we were, it looked as if some of them were 10 feet about the ocean waves.

I just had my iPhone with me, but got a few decent shots anyway.  I like this one, shooting against the sun.Gosh, did I wish I had my Nikon with its’ 30X zoom for the surfer shots though!

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2 Responses to A Windy Thursday in October

  1. Kathy says:

    Thanks for sharing Oman…

  2. Connie says:

    These are great pictures – you are going to miss Oman I know.

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