Home for Thanksgiving

I just got back from Canada, where I got to spend Thanksgiving with some of my children and their friends.  It was lovely green and gold….. and much colder than I have been used to in Muscat.  When you look around at the fall leaves and cleaned out fields, you understand why we celebrate Thanksgiving in October rather than the end of November like the Americans. These photos of the Rocky Mountains were take just south of Calgary – there is sure a lot of snow on them for this early.  And the little white specks in the fields are big round hay bales.

It is so lovely to have adult children and to be able to spend time with them.  Lisa, Ray and Jen picked me up at the airport and we headed home to see the kids. Four lovely grandsons…. and a granddaughter on the way the beginning of December.

Oh – I forgot to mention my room mate while I was there – this is Jake.  The lid of the cage was VERY FIRMLY in place.

Sunday was filled with preparations for the feast. Lisa had been doing her homework, and, in the absence of a copy of Grandma’s Cookbook, she had searched the internet for recipes that sounded close to her cloverleaf buns and Great grandma’s mock cherry pie. We also were including a “Taylor Classic” – marshmallow salad – without which no celebration in the valley was complete.  Jen couldn’t believe that you could mix marshmallows, sour cream, pineapple and orange sections together and get away with eating it with the main course.

Lisa and I hit the grocery store early, grabbed the ingredients, and headed home where she got busy making the buns.  I cut up bread to stuff the huge turkey Aaron and Jen had bought to feed the clan, while Jen cut celery and onions.  They were so thrilled to be hosting the family feast.

The day went quickly, flowing along on coffee, tea and a great chance to visit and work together.  The boys played, and were very good natured about being dragged away to empty the dishwasher.  Colin and Liam are about the same age, and could be twins for their common interests. James – doing what so many kids seem to be doing (when he isn’t outside playing with his friends. And Matthew – who hides when you try to take a photo of him, but his Mom caught this one (under penalty of death)

Soon, Aaron was home from work, and after he officiated in the carving of the turkey, we settled in to the feast.

I didn’t know that carving a turkey could be a dance! 

The evening concluded with laughter.  Lisa had managed to procure a DVD copy of one of our all-time favourite shows….a British-style pantomime called “The Magic of Aladdin” with Karen Kain, Bruno Gerussi.  Both Lisa and Aaron commented on how much more of the humour they understood as adults.

Here is a YouTube clip of it. http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=Mh0CPhLniRk  . Sorry, this won’t come up as a link.

Monday Aaron didn’t have to work, so we all slept in.  Lisa, Ray and Liam headed back to Saskatoon after lunch, and Aaron and his family took me to my in-laws’ place in Black Diamond so I could get the truck and proceed with part 2 of my visit – back to Saskatchewan to visit my Mom.

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