Schiphol Airport – User Friendly

I’m almost at the end of my 6 hour layover in Amsterdam’s Schiphol airport on my way to spend two weeks visiting relatives and friends in Canada – hopefully before the snow flies. I have to say that I am impressed with the renovations they have made here.

On my second 1/2 hour free internet, so there will be few words and a few photos – but there are really comfortable places to rest here now, things to do that I’ve never seen in an airport before.  There have always been great shops – I always head in to check out the electronics first thing, and drool over the tulips that I can’t take back to Canada.  I’ve take the excursion into Amsterdam – both by bus and canal boat, and found it a really pleasant way to pass the time on a long layover.  This time, I ate, drank a couple of great cappuccinos, and slept (well OK – I did a bit of Christmas shopping).

Here are a few photos I took – the lovely cup and saucer tables at the Dutch Kitchen, the tour stand, and the lounge area – with crazy shaped but very comfortable chairs to snooze in, TVs to watch in partitions that change colour, fake fireplaces to sooth the weary traveler, a kid’s playground to get rid of all that extra energy before the next leg of the trip, a library with books in many languages that you can sit and read, and a grand piano for anyone who wants to while away the time tinkling the ivories.

Schiphol has always been my favourite airport – and it’s definitely top of the list now.

Photos really slow uploading, so I will add them in Calgary.  Have a few minutes left to take some more.


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