Still on Hold!

We are still in a holding pattern – not sure just where or when we will be landing. Monday, either we will be unpacking our air shipment so we can camp out here for a couple of months before heading to Norway, or we will be moving furniture to its’ new homes, loading the container and preparing to head back to Canada. This has been a very hectic and trying week. But I guess I’m a tough old bird.

In the midst of boxes and cardboard scraps on the floor, I’ve been trying to clean up my computer files, and draw a bit.   I got out my watercolours the other day, and did this  on a sketch I did for the first quilt design class I took.  The colour scheme is pretty random, and the lights and darks are not as carefully placed as they need to be, but it’s a beginning.  I’ve spent the past 2 weeks reading Elizabeth’s notes and thinking about what she says, but not really getting either pen to paper or scissors to cloth.  time to change that.

Here’s another that more closely follows the original photograph, taken at Valensole in southern France last spring. It was done with watersoluable pencil crayons – I need to colour more instead of just sketching in a bit of colour. Now it is dry, I can rework it and darken some areas so there is some real contrast. I need to play with the colours I have to figure out how to get the colours I want.

We took three couples out for dinner at the club the other night – they didn’t know each other, but the ladies are all readers and quilters (or would like to be), and the men found lots in common to talk about (good grief – we had two Scotsmen – one from the east side and one from the West!) The tide was quite far out when we arrived, the sun was close to setting, and there were lots of crabs scurrying around on the beach. Lots of people on the beach as well – there usually are on the weekends.Today we got the export papers for the dog and cat, so if we do leave on Wednesday for Canada, we are prepared. And a lot has to happen before then – only 3 days to go.

Wish us luck!

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One Response to Still on Hold!

  1. cuz says:

    Good grief………… have had some trying moments!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! Hang in there……………
    Does it sound like a good deal in Norway???????????? Gramp Finn will be looking down on you.
    Good luck in your travels……..wherever you may be going………keep on quilting and getting some relax in….
    Cuz Bb

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