Mushroom Management

I just learned a new term that pretty well sums it up…. Mushroom Management. Keeping you in the dark and up to your neck in…… manure.

David put in his resignation the end of July…… and helped the HR fellow do the form for relocation on August 23……… and it had to be redone Sept 19 because no one had approved it in HR… and the guy who needed to was on holidays.  It had to go through 5 approvals before getting to head office where they could actually initiate the process.

As this was underway, David got a lead on a possible interesting job in Norway, and asked about it…….. more delays… it looked like there was no way the house would be packed up and we would make our October 3 flight to Canada…..

Then, last Tuesday morning, it all began.  A frantic call to a company in Czechoslovakia, of all places, then to a moving company here in Muscat – we had to be all packed up and moved by September 30.   Note, this is now September 26.

Insurance form to be filled out immediately (good thing I’d already been working on this). Estimate that evening, and the packers arrived Thursday morning.  Thursday-Friday is our weekend here in Oman, so these fellows are losing their weekend – I sure hope they get well paid for it.

So, here I am, trying to get everything sorted out as to what will fit in suitcases and what in an air shipment so we can survive for the next 10 weeks or so. The sofa set is sold, but not picked up. 

Likewise, the bedroom set, although I can’t seem to get in touch with the new owner the past few days. Five guys, all madly wrapping and boxing and the dog and cat hidden away in a back bedroom together, wondering what in the world is going on.

Trying to get the packers to use some of my fabric to wrap items, instead of the reams and reams of paper that they like to use. Here is my sewing room – almost packed.

And negotiations with Norway are still going on!

Exhausted at the end of the day, we took up on good friends offer of hamburgers, then made our way home for an early night.  And who is awake at 1 am, wondering what will fit in suitcases?  Yours truly.

Facebook has been my salvation these past few days – contact with the world outside of my four walls has been my sanity-saver. We should have known moving dates 3 weeks ago, not 3 days ago, so we could have been prepared for all of this.

One of my good friends from Kuwait, now in the US, used the phrase Mushroom Management.  It fits.

Oh yes – still stopping to smell the flowers – saw some on the frankincense tree yesterday.We will survive – and probably laugh at all this… but give me a few days.

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