Another Design Class

On top of moving right now, I’ve just begun another quilt design class – from the same lady (Elizabeth Barton) as the first one. This one, Working in Series, is kind of a continuation – about taking the idea and stretching a few different but related ways.  It’s totally fascinating – but wow – what a lot of exercises to get through. we’ve spent the first week surfing the net (and looking at any art books that we have or can get our hands on) looking for artists in any medium that works in series and does something that we like – gradually helping us to decide what WE really like and want to focus on.  I’ve decided to continue my work on that French street, and maybe others like it.  Now, I need to figure out what it is that I like about it…… that is a bit tougher.

The next step then, is to sketch, do watercolour sketches, collages, photocopies, photographs…. anything to give us an idea of just how far we can take it…. and to help us really grasp what the focus of our fascination really is.  There are about 30 pages of notes and examples to go through, another 4-5 exercises, and I haven’t done the texture part of lesson 1 yet.

Guess I have my work “cut out for me”, so to speak.  Glad the watercolours aren’t packed yet.  Will there be room in my suitcase?

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