This Moving Is Getting To Me…..

Gosh, am I ever tired of getting ready to move!  I’m tired of all the hassles getting through the company red-tape…. we still haven’t had the packers even come to assess the situation and give a quote, due to someone NOT authorizing the relocation, so the next 5 people didn’t even get a chance, so it still hasn’t made it to head office where the whole thing is really OK’ed and initiated.  Yesterday, David got them to OK getting a quote ahead of time… but REALLY!!!!!  Two weeks from today, we should be arriving in Calgary.

Rant over, I think. First, I’ll show you an interesting pattern of clouds as the sun was rising this morning – see, it’s not all bad, I can still take time to smell the flowers.  I’m not sure what this tree is, but this strange plant is commonly called a Desert Rose….. it is native to the Salalah area, and, grown from seed, has the most amazing bloated, gnarly trunk.  This luck person had four lovely ones outside the gate.

Last Saturday, I posted “For Sale” ads in three of the local supermarkets.  And the phone calls began!  Sunday was crazy…. Monday slightly less-so.  We have met some absolutely lovely people…. like Fawzi, a Palestinian who was living in Amman, Jordan in 1967, and has never been able to go back to his ancestral  village since,  or Ali, a big Egyptian with a wonderful laugh and a bright twinkle in his eye. He made a list of what he wanted, and then went to get his wife, and finalized the sales……. trying to get the price down a bit more.  I laughed and said I thought I remembered him trying to sell souvenirs to us at the pyramids……. he grinned and called me his sister.

Through the ad, I met Dianne, a Canadian who has just been here for 4 months – she came for an iron and stayed for a coffee and a great visit

Yes, inspite of the hassle and the rush of people coming all at once, and calling at 11 pm (I turn my phone off now when we go to bed), it has been fun.  I’ve sold most of what I needed to – almost everything with a cord, as the electricity is 220 V here, and 110 at home…. and I’ve trailed around a transformer with my sewing machine for almost 5 years and know what a pain it can be.

Hopefully, the packers will come and say I can take everything else (except those boxes of old notes that David has to sort through), and they will have it all packed up before October 3, so that we can both used our plane tickets and arrive home to family on the 4th.

Two weeks isn’t a lot of time – especially when you are saying goodbye to such good friends…… but we can always get together again.  One thing our time in the Middle East has taught us is that it truly is A Small, Small World,



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