Morning Musings

This has been a long day.  It began at 3:20 am, when we couldn’t sleep anymore, waiting for the alarm to ring.  David was leaving on an early plane for Houston.  He had packed last night, but still, there is always something you are scrambling for.  This morning, it was cords and adapters for phones and computers.

At the airport at 4:15 – dropped him off to go in and check in while I parked the car.  When he was through, we had time for a coffee and last chat before he left…… amazing what you can find to talk about at 4:30 in the morning.

We still haven’t heard from Houston regarding our move.  When they start the ball rolling, there will be inventory lists to be made, and they will finally book the moving company.  They will come to tally up how much we have to move (lots) and decide how long it will take and when they can do it.  We are hoping that it is finished only a day or two before out flight on Oct 3, as it is difficult to find somewhere furnished when you have a dog here.

I’ve advertised and sold a few items already – all electrical appliances, for example, as they run on 220 volts here, and North America is 110.  Then, I need to decide if the big California King bedroom suite we bought in Kuwait should go, will we find a bedroom large enough to use it?  and the three-piece sofa set……. yellow-gold pattern with tons of cushions.  It’s not the kind of thing one sees in Calgary stores, but it is very well made (custom in Saudi Arabia) and oh so comfortable! I’ve taken photos and will run the ads, and if they sell…. I guess we were not meant to take them home with us.  Part of me wants to really lighten the load, and part wants to keep the familiar.

When I got home from the airport and it got light out, Snoopy and I went for our morning walk.  Sunrise is a bit later now, but it’s still important to go as early as possible, as temperatures have been in the high 30’s with high humidity. I’m beginning to feel like it won’t be so bad to be a bit cooler.  I was looking at my arms as we walked – the first real tan I’ve had in my lifetime, I think…… and it will disappear over the winter… after 4 1/2 years.  Strange thought.

The other thing I will really miss is the trees and especially the flowering ones.  The bougainvillea here are amazing. Walking in the dark, you realize how many sweetly scented flowers there are – no Rangoon Creeper, Oleander or jasmine in my garden in Canada, I’m afraid.  Probably no squash growing up trees or along the top of walls either. Maybe a hibiscus in the livingroom window.

We pass this construction site quite often – they are preparing the exterior walls to put on tiles.  They always rough the surface, but I’ve never seen this kind of creativity…. it almost looks like quilting designs.

Headed to the bank this morning to transfer some funds to Canada, and hopefully to the post office to mail the postcards that David wrote in Kenya.  Then a final book club meeting, and hopefully a nap in the afternoon.

And then back to the work of preparing to move.

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