Moving – What Fun!

Well – it’s official.  We will be returning to Canada the beginning of October.  We have dearly loved living in the Middle East, and especially in Oman, but it will be really nice to be close to our parents and grown children, and not so grown (or not-quite-born-yet) grandchildren.

We have lived over here for almost five years – and have learned so much. We have been able to visit so many countries that we never dreamed we would see – some countries that are pretty well closed off now – Syria, for example. We have seen where history was created, and where history is being created right before our eyes. We have come to understand just how much people from all places and walks of life have in common, and become comfortable with just picking a spot, booking a flight and a couple of nights in a hotel, and letting a holiday develop as it will.  What a tremendous gift these past 5 years have been to us!

That brings me to today’s job…. cleaning out filing drawers. There is something in the back of my head that keeps telling me I should be downstairs working on my latest quilting project….. but here I am, sorting through papers, finding receipts for things we have bought over here, either to sell, or to prove we have had them a while.

It will be a big change for us.  It will be a much bigger change for our Kuwaiti dog, Snoopy, who has never seen snow and ice.  He loves to go out and lay in the sun here in Oman – I can just imagine him laying full-out over a hot air register in the winter.  I can also imagine him loving to run in the grass, and playing in the snow.  Will I have to sew a coat and booties to keep him warm?  Maybe.

We still have a month to see more of Oman, and cement in our hearts and imaginations all the wonders here.  And I’m sure, lots more photos and stories to take and to tell.

Well, back to the floor full of papers and file folders.  This short break has been good.

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2 Responses to Moving – What Fun!

  1. cuz says:

    wow……..that is great news. We will all welcome you back . You have had a wonderful experience that most of us will never get….treasure your memories.
    It will be great for your children and grandchildren………….and long lost cousins.
    Do you have a destination???
    And guess what???????? You may have to give me a few quilting lessons!!!!!!!!!

  2. intlxpatr says:

    Kathi, we had to buy a heating-up cat bed for our Qatari cat. 🙂 Snoopy sized beds are also available, use very little electricity – you can just leave them plugged in 24/7 – and provide a reliable warm spot for our heat deprived sweet babies.

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