An Old Farmyard Camp Ground

Last Tuesday night – my last in France, Claudine took myself, Corinne and Raymond out for supper. Claudine came with Corinna and I to see the Dalai Lama – so I got the chance to know her a bit.  She was very patient with my bad French, and spoke quite slowly when talking to me so I didn’t have to ask her to repeat very often.  Corinne was always ready with a translation if I just didn’t get it, which really helped.

Anyways, after a drink in the back yard under the grape-vine, and a brief tour of her lovely old-style house, we headed out of town to the Sainte Croix camping area Les Roux. As well as a camping area and three cottages or gîtes to rent. And during the summer, there is a restaurant/pizzeria.  It is just a 20 minute walk to Ste-Croix Lake, which is at the mouth of the Gorge du Verdon – Provence’s answer to the Grande Canyon.While the pizzas were cooking, Corinne and I took a walk around the old buildings. The sun was close to going down, and gave a golden a glow to everything.This hedge is rosemary.  I didn’t know it could grow this tall – it smelled heavenly.This young cat was so beautiful, and so demanding of attention. She had a very sweet look, but always seemed to have her ears back when I snapped her photo.The view of the nearby mountains was stunning.That is a young lavender field in the foreground. If I had visited a bit earlier in the summer, the fields would have been a riot of colour – but it had just been harvested.We found a tree with figs growing on it – and some blackberries.  They are not the nasty brambles we have in Canada.A young man from Belgium came to dinner with his parrot on his shoulder.  It was quite a scene stealer.I think it would be lovely to come and camp here for a while.  Just sitting and eating our dinner, I could feel that mellow, relaxed feeling that I always get camping.When we left, the sun was setting, and the sky was a marvelous red.And, here is the building my friends live in – I love the look in the street light.  What a wonderful last evening in France!

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