Isabelle’s Quilt…

is done.  At least, my part of it is.  I finished the quilting the afternoon I left Muscat (Aug 7) and did the trimming this morning so we could take photos.

Here it is, hanging in the garden at Corinne’s Mom’s.  The sunlight was a bit strong, but the quilting shows much clearer than in the photos taken in the shade.And some close-ups of the quilting…We showed Isabelle when I arrived here, and she is really happy with it.  Now, she is in Tahiti, on the beach, probably.  She has moved there for a year, and won’t be needing any quilts for a while.

Corinne will bind do the binding and the label so he next time her sister comes home to visit, it will be ready.

This was an interesting quilt to quilt – very different from anything I’ve tried before.  I did as the judge at the Kuwait Exhibition said, and basted it together first, and then stabilized it by stitching in-the-ditch along most of the straight seams.  Then I filled in the sections, letting them dictate what I should do.  I turned it on the frame as well, so I could do the small blue sashings and the top and bottom borders in one run, instead of having to do a bit and then advance the quilt.  It would be really nice sometimes to have a bigger machine, so I could do more than a 10 inch run without rolling back and forth.  Oh well, there is still lots I can learn with my little Betty Bailey …. and I am so glad to have her.Hope you enjoy the photos of the quilt. I am headed back to Muscat tomorrow morning, Where my mystery quilt awaits me there.

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6 Responses to Isabelle’s Quilt…

  1. cuz says:

    WOW ….that is a beauty.One more project done to leave room for another one eh? I have not got my machine out yet as there is still too much yard work to be kept up. HAPPY QUILTING

  2. Brenda Fritzler says:

    Absolutely gorgeous! Your work is always so inspiring to me. I love it and thanks so much for sharing. The info was terrific and helpful to a beginner like me.

  3. Becky Peacock says:

    Marvelous quilt, Kathi! I love your quilting ideas…gives me fuel for thought on some I need to do.

  4. Hayfa Al Mughni says:

    Wow , Kathi, It so beautiful, I love it . You did a great job.

    • Thanks everyone. I want to make sure you all know that while I did the quilting, Corinne (Isabelle’s sister) and I worked together on the design and construction. Also, Isabelle had some very definite ideas as to what she wanted.

  5. paramjeet says:

    Very beautifully quilted Kathy ,and very pleasing composition too.

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