Kenya Bound

Whoopee!  Money paid and tickets in my hot little hand!  We are going to Kenya for the Eid holiday the beginning of September.

We will be on a group tour, spending 5 days and 4 nights in Kenya. We don’t usually book on tours, but with a short holiday, we don’t have time to figure it all out ourselves. And David will get to go to Africa, finally.  I loved my visit to south Africa with the KTAA ladies in 2008, and am sure he will enjoy this brief treat.  and I get to spend my birthday there.

We land in Nairobi, then head to Lake Baringo in the Rift Valley.  Dena Crain lives close by, so I’m hoping that we will be able to visit with her there.  After having her as a guest in our home in Kuwait, it will be neat to see where she lives, and put her stories of life in Kenya in the proper perspective.

From there, we head to Lake Naivasha, and then spend our last two nights at the Masai Mara game reserve, one of the most popular in the whole of Africa.  Hopefully, the beginning of September isn’t peak safari time, and it won’t be overrun with other tourists, and we will be able to see lots of animals.  I’ve seen three of the big 5 (lion. elephant, cheeta, Rhino and Musk-ox), but not the cats in the wild.  And the non-big-5 are amazing as well – I love the giraffes.

Pretty cool, eh? This is the first time since we’ve been in the Middle East that we have actually taken a holiday at Eid.  I can’t wait.

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