Didn’t Plan This for This Morning!

We slept in this morning, much to Snoopy’s disgust.  He feels that breakfast should be at 5:30 am, with a walk immediately thereafter.

I had him fed, oatmeal simmering merrily away, and was washing last night’s dishes when it happened.  A drinking glass broke and I got a long, deep gash at the base of my little finger.  Bleeding profusely!  I wrapped the wet dish cloth around it and applied pressure immediately.  A minute later it was still pouring blood, so I broke it to David that he would have a good reason to be late for work. I needed to head for the hospital for stitches.

Breakfast was pretty well ready, and it being Ramadan, there would be no food or drink available in public until sunset, so we ate breakfast before we left.  I had the bleeding under control, and did a passable job of feeding myself with my left hand.  Then we were off – leaving poor Snoopy still without his walk or bathroom break.  Thank goodness for big dogs’ large bladders.

Due to the abbreviated work hours during Ramadan. there were very few cars on the roads, and we made it to the hospital in record time. No one in Emergency either, so I was taken right in.  I had a lovely South African nurse do the triage reporting, and after the doctor came and had a look, she sewed me up. At this point, David had to leave – his choice. She did a nice job, too – 7 stitches in all.

I was surprised at just how long the whole thing took – it was about 7:15 when we arrived, and after 8:30 by the time all was finished and we had the ointment from the pharmacy.  And it cost almost 100 RO – about $250.00.  I have a tensor bandage on my hand to keep pressure on the wound for today, and need to go in in a day or two to have it checked.  Then, just before I leave for France on Aug 7, I will get the stitches out, hopefully, and they will just tape it together to finish healing.

So, here I am – back home.  Snoopy and I had our walk – 36 C and 54% humidity when we returned at 9:20- and I am enjoying the AC.  I can still use my thumb and two of my fingers for typing, and will still be able to operate my quilting machine.  But I have to keep it dry, so won’t be able to wash dishes for the next week.  Boo hoo hoo.

Funny thing – 39 years ago I did the same thing, only cut my thumb, and had to drive myself to the hospital with my hand under my leg to stem the bleeding.  Much luckier this time.


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One Response to Didn’t Plan This for This Morning!

  1. Debbie Tarangul says:

    oh girl…at least you are ok. It really could have a lot worse and the powers that be made it a lot easier to get it fixed. And thank goodness that you are still able to quilt. That would have sucked big time…I know because I had a flood in my basement where my studio is and now everything is packed up and I can’t do anything except plan and dream about quilting. I am going through withdrawal symptoms. lol Anyways my dear…take care and enjoy not having to do the dishes….

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