Free Sauna Today

The humidity when I got up at 6 am was 89%!  Fortunately, the temp was only 30 C, or it would have felt like a steam room outdoors.  Still, the windows were dripping on the outside.

Snoopy and I went to the beach – first time since June. At 7:30, most people had already left, so we were alone.  The beach is very flat right now – no big ridges where the ocean had stolen the sand. The water had a cold feel to it in the warm air.  We came to the most wonderful sand structure – you can’t really call it a castle – more of a landscape.  I sure wish I knew how they got this effect in the sand.

I found a star fish – only about the third on since coming here…… we also came upon a small, dead sea snake.  See how his tail is flat up and down, like a rudder.  they are poisonous, so I’d just as soon not meet up with him in the water. I also found a bit of coral that looked like it had yellow flowers on it.  Interesting!When the sun finally rose above the mist, you could feel the temperature increase.  Sweat was dripping from the end of my nose, although I didn’t feel that hot.  Like I said – a free sauna.  I guess maybe living here, I’ve learned that it’s ok to sweat – and not a bad feeling.  Still, it was nice to turn around and head into the cool breeze.

The water looks so different when the sun is shining.  Snoopy was getting hot, and even after a drink of water, he went into the sea to cool off.  He loves the water, but not the waves, and is afraid to get out where he cannot touch bottom.

As we walked back toward the car, the mist came in – it was never that thick around us, but gave me the feeling of walking in clouds. It lifted as we neared the end, but the breeze did as well.

At the point, there were men and children fishing – don’t they make a colourful picture?

I’d planned to go to the grocery store on the way home, but the heat and humidity had taken their toll – my shirt was soaking wet….. so, home for a shower and a nice cup of tea.

It is lovely to be back by the sea!

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