Back in Muscat – and WARM again!

It’s Thursday evening – we’ve been back a day and a half.  I’ve got the suitcases unpacked…. the laundry piled up and ready to do…..and we’ve slept a LOT.  The flight from Amsterdam entailed a leg from Bahrain at 2 am – arriving about 4:15.  No way either of us could sleep, and it took a while when we got home too. In the afternoon, I went outside to warm up from the AC, and fell asleep on the step. Managed to stay up until around 8 pm last night……. and David got up at 9 am.  I was up earlier to take Snoopy out before it got to hot, but slept for a solid 3 hours this afternoon. We are going out for dinner with a friend, so can’t go to bed too early tonight, so hopefully our sleep patterns will be turned around by tomorrow.

And it is SO good to be warm again!  A bit hot yesterday when I took Snoopy out for his morning walk – high humidity and I was drenched when I returned.  Tonight, I took him for a quick outing, it’s 33C with 35% humidity and absolutely gorgeous.

David has to study for an exam this weekend, and I have a lot to get organized and doing, especially unfinished quilting projects. I need to finish quilting Isabelle’s quilt, so I can take it to France with me next month, and I really want to complete the quilts associated with the two Quilt University classes that I’ve just taken. I’d love to take part 2 of the design class in the fall.

Tomorrow, I plan to go through my photos of Amsterdam, and give you a taste of what we saw and did……. and then I will tackle my month in Canada.  It was gorgeous and green…. just a bit too cool for my thin blood.

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