Amsterdam – Take 2

We arrived in Amsterdam yesterday morning – neither of us had slept much on the plane. The sun was shining…YES!

As we had been out of the airport on our way to Canada, we knew pretty well where we needed to go.  There was no line up as we went through Passport control, and our luggage came up almost right away.  On top of this, after we went through customs the luggage lockers were right there as well.  We stowed our two large suitcases, and headed for the train.

We arrived at Amsterdam Centraal and headed straight to a book store for a map, and then a cup of coffee. It was still quite early, so nothing much was open as we walked to our hotel.

‘t Hotel is a 17th century house along one of the smaller canals.  It is a family-owned business, and very friendly and personable. It is very narrow – our room on the 2nd floor is the width of the house.  The stairs are incredibly steep and narrow – I’ll take photos to show you.

It was 9:30 am when we left our luggage at the hotel and walked just around the corner to the Anne Frank house.  As it opens at 9 am, we hoped to be able to go and see it……. wow – there were probably already 300 people standing in line. We will go tomorrow at 8:30 and hope to get in to see it.

We wandered the streets of the area – stopped for coffee and soup and a small cafe….. at noon, we returned to the hotel, and as our room was now available, we had a good nap.  Wow – it felt so good to stretch out and sleep.

Back out about 5 pm, we headed for the central area and the Red Light districts. We walked and walked – stopping for a beer and sandwich or a cone of fries.  Sitting and people watching… walking in the rain (yes, there were a few showers, but we have umbrellas now, remember).

We had a good first day in Amsterdam.  I’ll try to post photos today.

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4 Responses to Amsterdam – Take 2

  1. Collette says:

    Sounds idyllic. The Anne Frank attic is something we’d be excited to see. Nigel and I did the stage setting design/building for the play here with the high school dessert theater…it still hits my senses with a “just there” feeling…I can imagine the house would bring up some very strong emotions as we researched and lived it so strongly for those few months…That story grabbed me when I was 11…such a story! You may see my poster on our web page…let me know if the emotion comes through the drawing once you go and see the house! Ahhhh..what a sensory rich holiday!

  2. Ginger says:

    love the name of your blog – will enjoy “wandering” with you.

  3. Corinnelouise says:

    Hey Kathi,
    Cannot wait to hear about your Canadian trip. And cannot wait to see you in person again.

  4. Collette says:

    I thought I had commented yesterday but it didn’t show up today…will try again…the Anne Frank house would be a place we’d want to see/hear about….sounds like a lot of lovely sightseeing ..will enjoy seeing your photos.

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