Update on Design Class

As I’m getting ready to head to Canada, I won’t be able to make my class quilt on time…. I should have decided on a sketch, values, colours, and be pulling out fabrics by now, but I won’t be home for the last lesson.  So….. I’ve decided that I can spend more time playing with designs and values and cropping and stretching and whatever comes into my head…. and be ready to sew something really original when I get back.

Here are three sketches I’ve done, based on my street photo.  In the first, I just added a bit of the other side so the road doesn’t lead your eyes out of the picture.Two and three are derived from those drawings I made by slicing the sketch up and rearranging the pieces.  I’ve added more houses in them as well, and they are becoming a lot less “photographic”.Add an Image

I’ve just been using watercolour pencils to do the shading…. pretty basic, but it’s starting to get my mind working on different ways to use values.

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2 Responses to Update on Design Class

  1. Corinnelouise says:

    Hey Kathi, you are doing absolutely fantastic with your sketches. Loved to see how you took a simple picture to make one that is keeping the best features but bends in the direction you decided you wanted it.
    Keep the fun going on.

  2. Collette says:

    I do really LOVE your sketches Kathi…you catch the perspective and the street so closed in with ancient buildings so well….

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