The Sultan’s Military Museum

After baking at the beach on Friday, we visited the Armed Forces Museum. It’s in a wonderful old Omani house – the kind with two stories and a courtyard in the middle. The walls are made of stones and mud, and the ceilings of logs and palm fronds.
After we paid our 1 rial each, a young soldier took us from the reception area to the museum. He toured us into the first two or three rooms, but when he realized that we were interested in reading all the displays, he left us to it.
The museum has two floors – the ground deals with Omani history, and the upper with military stuff. They begin with the Persian invasion, and carry on to when Islam spread into Oman, and in separate rooms off the main hallway, details each period of history in turn. There was an amazing, old  illustrated Koran that I would have loved to photograph, but the lights would have reflected on the glass. The displays are well written, albeit with some interesting language at times, and photos abound, there are various types of fire arms mounted on the walls, all carefully labeled, and some interesting display items encased in glass cubbyholes in the walls.We didn’t have enough time to really see it all – begged” khamsa digiga” (five minutes) for the upper floor and didn’t get near the outside display.  We definitely have to go back.

Afterwards, we went to Muttrah – to the Marina Hotel Restaurant.  The hotel is right across the street from the old fish market, and right along the corniche.  The light was just fading, so here are some shots from the rooftop restaurant as the sun went down.I’ve attached a slide show of some shots of the museum.

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