Sea and Sky

A few photos I’ve taken in the past couple of days on my morning walk with Snoopy.

Yesterday when we first left the house about 5:15, the clouds looked like this:When we got out of the yard, and could see across the wadi, the sun was an orange ball in the haze, and there was a tiny purple cloud across the face.  I’ve never seen that moved, but just before we went into the alley and couldn’t see the sun any more, a few more drifted down over the top.  I only had my iPhone with me, so the sh0t’s weren’t very clear.

This morning, we went a bit earlier, and drove down to the beach.  With only an hour before I needed to make breakfast, there wasn’t really time to walk there and back – usually we can spend 1 1/2 – 2 hours down there.  Again, the sun was just rising, and it was so different seen over the wet sand and the water.As it rose, the reflection on the water and sand was quite pronounced.This little crab hole was only about as big as a 5 baisa coin – if that.  when I was taking the photo, I saw the crab start to come out and then retreat.  This sand-throw was smaller than the palm of my hand.  I think crabs are so cool, especially when you see them running around with their eyes up.  We were chasing them around on the beach at the club again a couple of nights ago.

This is something else cool – this tree trunk has been cut down and laying out in the sun for about 5 days… look at how crisp the leaves on it are… there must be a lot of sap still in the trunk to produce them.I’ll try tomorrow to show you a bit more of what we saw on our trip to Salalah.

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One Response to Sea and Sky

  1. Donna Lizee says:

    Gorgeous pictures, Kathi! Wish I were there.

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