Inspired To Design – the class

I’ve been working on my class sketches, and each one I do gives me an idea of how to stretch it farther.

I did some cropping and repeating of the cropped bit – got some interesting patterns.. a bit abstract.

I took one object and threw it out over a grid…. not balanced, but it could be something.

I did the sketch using only rectangles, and tried to make the street NOT take you out of the picture.  Rectangles were a bit obvious, but I’d like to try it again using a kind og oval/blob shape.

Then I took one of the sliced sketches and stretched it to make the building really tall – I think it would work better if I kept the off-centre splits instead of aligning everything properly.

Finally, I took the main idea, shutters, and made a collage of them.

Lots of variations – it will be interesting to see what the quilt will look like.  I’m guessing it won’t just be a copy of the photo.

I’m auditioning a couple of other photos – here they are.  The first one, from France, also has a couple of splits – notice what happened when I moved the tree trunk forward/backwards.  It changes the whole depth and focus of the image. The tomatoes were in a market in Italy, and the boats are from Oman – Qantab Beach.

This is fun – and takes a lot of time.  Guess I’d better get back to that quilt.  The stitching-in-the-ditch (along the seams for non-quilters) is all done now, so just the real quilting.  it looks much less daunting when it is broken up into sections like this.

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