Internet Update

Ever since I signed up for wireless internet last January, we’ve had problems.  It took forever to get it set up.  And then, it would just NOT work, all of a sudden.  I phoned and talked to the help desk countless times…. following their instructions to reset the modem or the router, or change a setting here or there.  good for a day or so, and then back to the same old problems.  Twice a nice young man came to the house, went through everything, changed some settings……. and it worked for a day or two…

Before we left for Salalah the 10th of May, it quit working again.  When we return…. I called again, and got another work order number.  They finally called about it on May 20 – the day I was leaving for Kuwait.  I told them I would be back Monday – and please call then.  When I had not heard anything by May 27, I called AGAIN.  Yes, they had it on my record that I had said I’d be home on the 23rd… they would get in touch with the technicians.

Well, today is June 4.  I have spent the past two weekends Off Line – because the cable connection was actually working for David so I didn’t want to try to reset the modem in an effort to kick start the wireless again. last night, the cable t my old, non-wireless computer quit… and this morning, David’s cable quit as well.


Today is June 4. I called the help line and asked where the technical area was – back on the 20th, they had said I could bring my equipment in to be looked at.  I wasn’t waiting around any longer for someone to come to me.

9:30 am, I presented myself at Nawras.  After a bit of checking, they discovered that my modem wasn’t working – it was receiving the signal but no passing it on to the router.  So they gave me a brand now, upgraded jobbie that is both modem and router in one – and it is pink!  Well, pink and white.  It was 11 am by the time I was on my way home to try it out.

It works pretty slick, although I may have to set it on “always on” rather that “on demand”.  If it stays going, it will be worth it.  i just wish I’d done this months ago.  Now I know!


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