Ruler Work

Busy working on Isabelle’s quilt again today.

Yesterday, I got the top loaded on the frame, and basted.The basting took a bit of time as I don’t have a reliable needle up-needle-down on this machine, so I did it all from the back, turning the wheel.  Still, it worked just fine, and was quiet to boot.

Today, I have begun stabilizing it by stitching in the ditch along all the sashings…… and there are lots as it has kind of window-pane effect.  When I asked Tracy Peireira about it in Kuwait, she said that it is the key to keeping everything square and also making the sashing pop.

Now, I got a ruler foot last summer when I was in Canada – and had a longarm quilting ruler before that, but this is really the first time I’ve ever tried using it.  You hold the ruler parallel with the line you want to sew, and the foot is made so when you run it along the ruler, you are stitching 1/4 inch from the ruler.  The trick is to not hold the ruler down so tightly to the quilt that you are holding the quilt in place on the machine.  The other trick is to maintain a steady speed so the stitches are even.  it takes coordination.

Well, I’m extremely happy to announce that it seems to be working.  I have one or two small wows, but nothing that is going to show in the general scheme of things.  My main problem is knowing what thread to use….. do you keep changing thread colours depending on what you are sewing?   what about bobbin thread? Matching the top?  Matching the backing?

Experienced quilters out there… I would love some feedback.  I’m pretty well self-taught on this machine (Bailey 13), and the longarm books often don’t go into puny details like this.

Having tons of fun though.  And it s great to know that working with a rule is doable… because I have a top with a lot of applique on it that is just screaming for cross-hatching.

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One Response to Ruler Work

  1. Danielle says:

    Kathi, looks like you are having a lot of fun and learning as always. I love what I can se of that top and certainly recognize the backing as I have it in my stash too! Sure miss quilting with you. Sorry I missed you on your trip to Kuwait this time but know we will meet up again sometime in the future. Try to keep cool and enjoying your quilting.

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