Would you believe that I spent all morning yesterday fighting with those butterflies.  I’d decided to use my free motion foot so I wouldn’t have to keep twisting the quilt top around.  Every inch or so, the metallic thread would shred.  I changed feet….. no luck.  I went slowly…. I went quickly.  i finally got the top and antenna of a large butterfly done… only to find that the corner of the quilt top had been folded over, and I had to unsew it all.

I had a nap!  In the evening, I worked on my class sketches.

This morning, after trying one more time with a different free motion foot, I put my applique foot back on the machine!  Voila!  Sewing like a charm, unless I tried to push it backwards or sideways.  I guess, any extra pressure on the thread cuts the metallic winding.  Twirling the quilt around so I was only sewing forward, I was done in no time at all.

Top is all finished now, backing is ready, all I need to do is cut the batting the right size and load-her-up.

All is good again….. and I’m not afraid to use this thread for the quilting now.  Whew!


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4 Responses to Urgh!!!

  1. quiltfever says:

    I have never used metallic thread but in a seminar I recently attended, a Topstitch needle was recommended. It has a longer, deeper groove above the eye for the thread to rest in as the needle goes through the fabric, causing less friction. Maybe worth a try if available.

    • Yes, I will be picking some up when I’m back in Canada next month. Until then, it works well in my quilting machine, and that’s all I will need it for right now.

  2. cuz says:

    Good morning………………I do not have a quilting machine but always have trouble with metallic thread in my regular machine..it is a painful operation but well worth the look when you are done.

  3. Corinnelouise says:

    So sorry you have to go through such troubles.
    Remember the little winter quilt I’ve made while in Kuwait for a gift ? I thought I would end up stitching it by hand because of the metallic thread.
    Have a peaceful time quilting today.

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