Quilting Again!

Nose to the grindstone again – now I get to work on Isabelle’s quilt.

It reigned over my display wall until I needed the space for the baby quilt – and now it’s back.  I’m busy trying out butterflies…… just a few to applique on.  I have several different layouts, and Corinne and I will decide on the best one, then I will start sewing.The butterflies were Isabelle’s wish, but I think they really add life and movement to the quilt.

I’m piecing the back as well – off centre lotus panels with green dragonfly borders…….and then I will begin the quilting.

In Kuwait, I talked to Tracey Periera about basting and stabilizing a quilt on a longarm.  I will follow her method when I do this quilt.  If it’s all basted together, then you can do all the areas with one thread at the same time, and cut out all the changes.. or a lot of them, anyway.  I want to begin with the crane panel and work my way out as I have a hard time envisioning what will look best on the borders when the centre isn’t done yet.

This is going to be fun…. but I have a deadline – I want it finished before i leave for Canada on the 15th of June,

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