Tired Puppy

That’s me.

We were out late last night watching a French movie, Of Gods and Men, at the rooftop cinema in Salmiya – comfy rattan chair, drink and popcorn for only 1 KD. It was really neat – why didn’t I know about this when we lived here.

Today I have had a good chance to catch up with Sharon.  We went to the Movenpick for a luncheon with the Kuwait quilt group, and Janet brought our quilts for us from the exhibition.  Again, it was great to see more old friends – gosh, I miss the ladies here.

We had a wonderful lunch, and then a very informative talk on quilt design from one of the judges. Afterward, I buttonholed her and asked about stabilizing my quilt on a long arm… I understand what is needed, but was not sure just how to go about it.  I’ve always found that knowing just what order to proceed, so this will help with my next quilt.

I was to have dinner with Djihad and Reem, but she is in the hospital having my new niece…. can’t wait to find out what they name her.  It was good, in a way, as we had a quiet evening.  Tomorrow we will be up early and off to the fabric souq before I head back home.

This has been a lovely, but short, holiday among friends.

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