One Baby Quilt – Finished….

… and awaiting the baby.

We have a friend in Kuwait that is like a brother to us both. Born Syrian, raised in Algeria – he is as Canadian as we are.  He didn’t learn English until he worked in Canada as an adult, but most of the time, you have to listen pretty carefully to realize that English isn’t his mother-tongue.

He is married to a lovely young woman from Aleppo, Syria.  Their first child, a girl, is due any day. Ii had to make a special quilt to celebrate our newest niece.

Djihad and Reem are living in Kuwait (where we first met them).  This is a Canadian baby with deeply international roots.  What to do, and what colours to use?  I quizzed Djihad when he visited us in Muscat in April, while Reem was in Aleppo defending her Masters thesis. They had no “nursery colours”, so I went with brights… and pink. And a simple disappearing 9-patch pattern to show off the applique.

I had fabric (bought in Kuwait) with Canadian symbols in it – beaver, bears, moose, so I just had to draw out the maple leaves, palm trees and camels to bring in the desert.  But I was thinking it needed a touch of Syria as well….. and David agreed….. actually, he brought it up, and I agreed that I had been thinking of it but didn’t know quite what to do.

We’ve been to Syria, and loved the country…. really upset with the upset there now, and so glad that we were able to visit before all this unrest. Two things that are easily recognizable as Syrian are the waterwheels or nouria of Hama, a town just south of Aleppo, and the Citadel in old Aleppo.  So, back to the drawing board.  Photos found through Google, and there we are.

I’m visiting in Kuwait right now, and hope to see Djihad and Reem and deliver this quilt. I hope they like it –PS – it’s really quite straight – my design wall is wavy on the wall……. need to fix that!

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2 Responses to One Baby Quilt – Finished….

  1. Pearlin J says:

    its Beautiful! I’m sure your friends would love it!

  2. Debbie Tarangul says:

    Kathi…this baby quilt is wonderful and I am very sure that it will be cherished for all the symbols you’ve appliqued on it. Love it!!

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