At the Beach (Again!)

I have some serious quilting to do today – a baby quilt that needs to be finished by Friday.  But first……

Snoopy and I went down to the beach this morning – first time in a week.  We guessed correctly about wind direction and parked at the right end of the beach.  I’ve discovered just how important this is when you are walking late (at 8 am it’s around 37C now) – even a slight breeze in your face on the return trip makes a big difference. We need to be out for our morning walk earlier, but it’s hard unless I leave David to breakfast on his own.

The sea was quite calm this morning, tide coming in but still enough firm wet sand to walk on.  No paper nautilus shells…. not many shells of any description.  There was a lot of sea weed stranded on the sand, and tons of small crabs….. white ones, larger blue ones, and even a few deep orange claws. Also two dead birds, washed in with the tide.

I did see two wonderful, unusual things on our walk.  We were heading back to the car, head up, enjoying the breeze, but keeping an eye downward to watch for shells, and also sharp things that would do damage to my bare tootsies, when I saw a feather walking in front of me.  Just a small one, but held straight up in the air.  Looking closely, which was hard to do as Snoopy was intent on going backwards to anoint a rock he had missed, I discovered that it was being carried by some sort of small, black bug. Not sure what he planned to do with it, but he was scurrying off somewhere with his trophy.

It was getting hot, and the water on my feet felt so good…. and Snoopy kept going into it to cool off…….. I decided that if he could, so could I.  I didn’t plan to go anywhere but home to my shower anyway, so damp pants didn’t pose much of a problem.  Off went the shoulder bag (for water and shells) and the fanny pack (mobile, dog treats and poo bags) and in I walked. I only went in as far as my waist, as that’s the length of the leash, and Snoopy does NOT swim… he believes that a dogs’ paws were meant to be on the ground… at least two at a time.

Just as I reached my limit, about 30 yards away there was a school of small (maybe 8″ long) fish, leaping out of the water like dolphins.  They probably carried on like this, making small leaps, for about40 meters, the last one executed by one lone fish.  It would have made a dandy photo, but of course my phone was safely on shore.  Just at water level, the angle was incredible too.

We’re back home, clean and dry, as you may well have guessed, and it’s time to get at that quilt.  I spent yesterday rethinking the colours and am ready to tally ho and get it done.

Wish me luck.

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