Salalah – Crowne Plaza Resort

We just returned from a quick trip to Salalah.  It’s still hot there, by their standards, as the monsoons don’t arrive until June.  Only three nights – but a good time to relax a little, and see a bit more of this beautiful country.  We knew as soon as we arrived that three days wouldn’t be nearly enough, and we will HAVE to return.

Amazing how, when you arrive in a new place in the dark, you lose all sense of direction – at least I usually do.  I did know we were headed towards the sea though……. and that’s all that mattered.  As Salalah Airport is very small, it took no time at all to collect our things and climb on the bus.

First impressions mean a lot, they say.  Our first impression was “Wow!” .  Clean, bright, stately and very efficient. As soon as we had dropped our luggage off at our room (opening onto the lawn on the sea-side), we headed out to explore.  Dinners are served at a restaurant right on the beach. There were lights shining on the waves, so even in the dark we could see them rolling in. After one of the tastiest airplane meals I’ve ever had, we weren’t really hungry, but soon we were enjoying a cold beer and watching 3 foot breakers roll onto the shore.  The sound of the waves did a lot to welcome us to relax and enjoy our stay.

Wednesday morning – sunny and warm.  Here is the view from the restaurant.  Lovely pools, a 9-hole golf course and driving range, miles and miles of white sand… what more could you want?The little grounds keeper was shaking each tree before he raked the grass.  It was quite cute.David had a bit of work to do (even on a day off, yes!), so I took myself on a long beach walk.  It seemed funny not to have Snoopy with me.  I couldn’t believe all the crabs there are – the beach almost looks like a moonscape with all the towers.  Here are a few of them, and a crab I met at water’s edge.

The different colours of sand made quite interesting patterns as the waves ebbed and flowed.  There was a tiny bird eating something in the water…. as each wave came in, he turned and ran ahead of it, changing direction and following the water as it receded.

I also met a crowd of gulls that were searching for food. One caught a crab, and after playing with it a bit, let it go.

We didn’t spend a lot of time at the hotel – breakfast, dinner and bed mostly, although Thursday evening we took a dip in the pool and checked out the Splash Bar.  It was crowded enough that I don’t think I’d want to be here in peak season.

Still, I want to return, and I will definitely stay at the Crowne Plaza.  And they didn’t pay me to say that!

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