Fight to the Death

Had an interesting morning walk with Snoopy this morning.  We were almost home, just going through a walkway. There were two cats at the corner in the middle —- Snoopy loves cats- for chasing, that is.

Well, this one didn’t give him a chance.  The little 3 pound black calico literally FLEW at him, all points out. Even with her fur raised, she probably wasn’t bigger than his head, but she was loaded for bear, or rather DOG.  He was trying to get away, and she wouldn’t let him.  I kicked out with my foot so she let go, but she wasn’t backing down an inch – hissing and spitting and ADVANCING. If it was a fight to the death, she planned to WIN.

We backed slowly out, with her following, until we could safely turn tail and get away.  Snoopy was left with a bleeding nose……. we’ll see if he was also left with a new respect for cats!

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