What a Great Day!

After Yuri left on his 60 km bike ride this morning, (David helped him get ready, and Snoopy and I watched – have you ever seen a dog that sits like this on stairs?) and David went to work, Snoopy and I went to the beach again – high tide and a nice breeze coming in off the water.  Not many shells, and no dead octopi either. I did see this huge piece of coral that had been swept up onto the beach though.And since then, I have been sewing. I’m finally making headway on my crystal quilt…….. behind as usual, but at least I’m working on it.
I’ve been taking the Crystal quilts class with Dena Crain through www.quiltuniversity.com.  I showed you my pattern in “Busy Days Ahead”,  but I made a minute change to make it a bit easier to piece.

And, I’m using some of my Kuwaiti silks. Last year, the quilt group did a silk exchange, where we got about 24 different fat quarters of raw silk. (for those non-quilters among you, a fat quarter is NOT a body part, but a piece of fabric half a meter long by half the width of the fabric roll).I’d added to my collection, mostly at the Indian Heritage Centre, where they sell roll ends at a really good price. I want to use some of them for an applique quilt, but this looked like a good opportunity to play with them before I get the applique designed.  These are the colours I picked to use… so far. I may need to add another before I’m finished.It started out to be quite troublesome, as the silk frays like crazy. Not sure of Dena’s technique for it, but I’m using a LOT of spray starch… and it seems to be working.

Anyway, here is what the centre of my quilt looks like so far.  I am getting SO GOOD at Y-seams.  Next time I do something like this, I’ll be a bit more discerning at the design stage, and eliminate a few though.Off to get something for lunch (kind of missed it – it’s already 2:45), and then back to the sewing machine and iron.  It’s so nice to feel like you’ve really accomplished something.

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